Cape Conservation Group

Cape Conservation Group is a non-profit, community group based in Exmouth, North West Australia. The group aims to "preserve and protect the Cape, now and for future generations". This means that we work together to ensure the natural environment of the Cape Range Peninsula and it's nearby waters are thought about and cared for.

Our Objectives.
The objectives of Cape Conservation Group are to:

  • actively conserve the natural environment of the North West Cape and surrounding area;

  • be informed about and contribute to development proposals to ensure they are sustainable and do not negatively impact the natural environment;

  • generate public awareness about the importance of the wilderness values of the North West Cape and surrounding area;

  • develop and promote stewardship for the natural environment;

  • encourage research into environmental issues in the area;

  • develop working partnerships to meet our objectives;

  • encourage sustainability measures to minimise the local and global footprint of individuals, organisations and commerce on the North West Cape and surrounding area.



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