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There have been over 250 uranium exploration drilling programs in WA. There are three projects with environmental approval - but not final approval, and there are three projects currently under environmental assessment. We are happy to say that after 8 years of a pro nuclear Government and unstinting support for an unwanted industry there are no operating uranium mines in WA!!!!    

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Uranium mining in WA is not a done deal

We now have a State Labor Government who have a strong position opposing uranium mining. None of the four proposed mines in WA - Kintyre, Wiluna, Yeelirrie and Mulga Rock have final approval to mine, none are under construction and no company has made a final investment decision to mine. 

WA Labor have a policy opposing any uranium mines and in the lead up to the 2017 state election there were repeated commitments that only mines with final approval or mines under construction would be allowed to proceed under a Labor Government - there are no uranium projects in WA that meet that criteria. 

To find out more about the status of uranium mining in WA download the report "Ensuring a Nuclear Free Future for WA". With special thanks for contributions from Dr Jim Green at Friends of the Earth Australia and support from Dave Sweeney at the Australian Conservation Foundation. 

To show your support for a ban on uranium mining in WA and a nuclear free future please sign the Uranium Free Charter here.

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