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  • commented 2017-02-28 21:28:06 +0800
    Guess what kids, our alumina friends are pegging out and drilling Lane Poole Class A Nature reserve for mining, right behind Nanga Mill in fact, Yes, that special little place south of Dwellingup, the home of King Jarrahs, one of the most biologically diverse hotspots in the world, about to be denuded. Get in quick for a look before its changed for ever, logged, cleared, burnt, topsoil scalped, mined, ripped and greened up to look just like nothing happened. Pretty crafty unless you have walked into a rehab site greater than 10yrs,old – lifeless, complete with riplines 500mm high, destroyed for ever. Anyone keen to do anything about it, even for your kids kids……. Not even a bumper sticker.