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Listening to the Voice of Nature: a weekend retreat

Join Helene Fisher, former Findhorn** gardener, as she guides you to the heart of clear attunement to the soul intelligence in nature. 
Past participants speak of the fresh, unexpected insights they gained as well as appreciating tools for working with nature’s energies in creating a harmonious, thriving garden or bushland. Enjoy a retreat that will nourish your inner being as you deepen into stillness and clear resonance with plants. 

* Tune in to the wisdom which plants hold, to better understand what they - and the Earth - need at this time.
* Hear how the work with the nature spirits and devas has evolved over time, at Findhorn.
*. Practice tuning in to individual plants and a woodland.
* Apply your skills to creating a harmonious, thriving garden.

** Findhorn is a spiritual community and ecovillage on the windswept northeast coast of Scotland which has thrived since the early sixties, when it became famous for its abundant gardens.

Contribution: Sliding scale $280 - $350

For details and to book: ring Helene. 0429 110 595
Email: [email protected]


May 20, 2017 at 9:30am - May 22, 2017
Nuhra Community Retreat Centre
Mandurah, WA 3.20
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Helene Fisher · · 0429 110 595
$310.00 AUD