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The Conservation Council of WA (CCWA) is the state’s foremost not-for-profit, non-government conservation and environment organisation. 

We have been a prominent and forthright voice for conservation for more than 50 years working directly with the government, media, industry, community groups, and political parties to promote a more sustainable WA and to protect our natural environment.

From the rugged far-north of the Kimberley, to the green forested South West, to our amazing coastline and unique marine life, CCWA speaks for the protection and conservation of all nature in WA. This is achieved by working closely with government, political groups, the media, industry and communities. 

CCWA represents more than 100 environmental organisations across Western Australia, with tens of thousands of engaged individuals statewide. This broad collective of like-minded groups and individuals creates a vibrant and passionate community, dedicated to the conservation of our unique and diverse state.

Our work

Campaigning and lobbying on a wide range of environmental issues, CCWA and its wider network not only strive towards meaningful change at a local level but to tackle critical environmental challenges on a much larger scale. 

Our purpose is ensuring the protection and restoration of Western Australia’s natural environment. We started out in 1967 focused on local conservation projects. Today, climate change and ecological collapse are the greatest threats to WA - so we run a focused set of environmental protection programs on fossil fuels, uranium, biodiversity, citizen science and green economic futures.

Whether it’s protecting our local environment and culture, getting our hands dirty by facilitating citizen science, or promoting sustainable development—CCWA is dedicated to ensuring that our future generations have a clean, healthy and rich natural environment to enjoy. 

Together, we represent more than 100 environmental organisations across Western Australia, which have joined as Member Groups.

Team Members

CCWA has a small team of dedicated staff who lead campaigns, engage with the community, liaise with governments and support our member groups.

Joe Heffernan - Executive Director

Maggie Wood - Programs Director

Paul Goonting - Finance & Operations Manager

Wendy Low - Bookkeeper

Dr Kelly Duckworth - Policy & Research Manager

Robert Davies - Public Relations Manager

Sara Boranga - Events and Partnerships Officer

Liam Lilly - Campaigner

Rhiannon Hardwick - Campaigner

Mia Pepper - Nuclear Free WA Campaigner

We are governed by a democratic constitution, which empowers our members to elect our Executive Committee, adopt resolutions for action and determine policy positions on important environmental issues.

CCWA represents more than 100 community environmental organisations from across Western Australia. Find a Member Group in your area.

Our Executive Committee is nominated and elected by our members annually at our AGM.

President: James Eggleston
Vice President: Lillian Ryan
Honorary Treasurer: Jason Parish
Secretary: Vacant

Executive Members:
Tim Barling
Tim Clifford
Sophie McNeill
Katherine Helps
Jessie Parish
Felicity Bairstow