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Biosecurity Blitz

Biosecurity Blitz 2015 is a collaborative effort by all to discover and report as many unusual or damaging pests (i.e. insects, diseases, weeds and animals) as possible across Western Australia. The Blitz engages the public to use a suite of pest reporting apps developed by the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia (DAFWA), such as the MyPestGuide – Reporter app to head outdoors and record observations over a two week period.

The MyPestGuide project team encourages everyone to download one of the apps and participate in the first ever Biosecurity Blitz.

MyPestGuide,“The MyPestGuide Reporter app allows people to report a suspect pest by sending a photograph of it taken using their smartphone, and include additional details and the location on a map."

PestFax Reporter, “PestFax is most relevant to agronomists and naturalists who are confident at reporting pests and require an app to make repeated reports.”

MyCrop, “MyCrop is a detailed diagnostic tool designed for graingrowers and agronomists to report the incidence of crop pests and diseases on their properties."

People who don’t have mobile devices can send a report using the MyPestGuide online or Pestfax online tools. People may also phone the department’s Pest and Disease Information Service on free call 1800 084 881 or email [email protected].

Reporting any unfamiliar pest found in a paddock to the pantry protects our valuable environment, our food and help maintain access to Australia’s export markets thus sustaining our enviable standard of living and securing employment across the supply chain for many industries.





September 18, 2015 at 12:00pm - October 02, 2015
kitchen pantries, home gardens, paddocks and local bushland.
Google map and directions
The Department of Agriculture and Food · · 1800 084 881

Will you come?