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Chapman River Regional Park: Animal Surveys

February 28, 2018

Between the 19th - 25th February 2018, members from CCWA's Citizen Science Program, along with students from Central Regional TAFE and members of the public, undertook a range of wildlife surveys within the Chapman River Regional Park in Geraldton.



Activities included the installation and checking of pitfall trapping lines, mist-netting and bird banding, bird census surveys, bat surveys and trapping, spotlighting, active searching and surveys of the wildlife within the river itself using fyke nets and box traps.




The assessment and study of wildlife within the area was commissioned by the City of Greater Geraldton to evaluate the conservation values of the regional park, which is surrounded by urban development and popular with mountain-bike riders. Another week of surveys is planned for April this year to consolidate our results.



A_young_Gould's_Goanna_(Varanus_gouldii)._Photo_-_Kady_Grosser.jpg  A_Western_Spotted_Frog_(Heleioporus_albopunctatus)_caught_in_a_pitfall_trap._Photo_-_Kady_Grosser.jpg









Author: Merryn Pryor

Photos courtesy of Kady Grosser and Kate Born

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