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Our 2022 Citizen Science Program has a diverse range of projects on offer. Once again, there is a strong emphasis on bush bird communities using standard search survey methods in a range of habitats, with some small vertebrate trapping acoustic bat surveys and seabird research and monitoring.  

We’ll be looking at how bird communities are responding to ecosystem development in restoration and documenting biodiversity outcomes on carbon farms. Trips to Bowgada, Yarra Yarra catchment, Gondwana Link and Charles Darwin Reserve have been organised. We are seeking experienced bird watchers to assist with these projects, but also welcome those keen to learn new skills and expand their knowledge.   

In our Living with Nature program, we’ll be working with local landowners in the peri-urban suburb of Karakin, to help manage bush blocks and understand the ecological impacts of slashing and mulching, as an alternative means of regenerating senescent vegetation. Our work on seabird monitoring will continue, including Flesh-footed Shearwaters, Fairy Terns and Crested Terns. 

Most of our field trips for 2022 are fully booked but join our waiting list in case of cancellations. Please register your interest for your available dates by contacting [email protected]

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