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Why are we doing it?


We are at a critical point in taking action on climate change. There is still time to act - but it is running out fast. We need big action this decade.

Greenhouse gas emissions are actually rising in WA and we are the only state that has no net-zero targets, interim or otherwise. However our research shows that West Australians care about climate change and want to do something about it. 

Right now, we need to demonstrate that Western Australians want bold action on climate. We want our state and federal politicians and decision-makers to see a flurry of Climate Action Now signs wherever they go in WA - so they have no doubt this issue matters to West Australians. 

It doesn’t matter which side of the political spectrum you find yourself in – putting up a sign is a clear message to our leaders in politics, business and the community that we want climate action, and we want it now!