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Farms Not Fracking in South West WA!

Jurien_Bay_against_Fracking_in_Mid-west.JPGThe WA Government has identified a preferred company for a petroleum exploration permit covering an area of 650 sq kms, incorporating the shires of Capel, Dardanup and Donnybrook-Balingup, parts of the City of Bunbury and City of Busselton.

We are concerned to see new exploration areas being opened up and exploration for unconventional gas being promoted across huge areas of the state with little regard for risks to groundwater, communities or the environment. See CCWA's media release for more info.

Gas fracking is the most common method for extracting unconventional gas globally, so the South West community is right to be very concerned about this development.


Take action below to send a message to your local Member of Parliament asking them to rule out gas fracking in this area to protect our water and land.  

If commercial fracking goes ahead in the South West it would be a disaster for the region and our groundwater. We could see hundreds or thousands of wells drilled through farms and groundwater aquifers across the landscape.

Under current WA legislation, farmers and landholders do not have a right to veto oil and gas activity on their land if they don’t want it. It's vital that we stand together to protect our water, environment and communities.

Take action now and stand up with the people of the South West and say no to fracking.