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Will you sign?

To our Parliamentarians –

I am taking a stand to protect my community and the future of our country from inappropriate gas fracking.

I am asking you to join me.

It is clear that unconventional gas companies are riding roughshod over our governments and local communities. Corruption and poor regulatory process is being exposed at every turn. These industries cannot be trusted.

Gas licences or applications already cover a large part of Western Australia.

Our farmland, bushland and water resources are being put at risk.

Enough is enough.

We are calling on you to support us in putting healthy communities, a sustainable economy, and clean water first. 

1. Put in place an urgent moratorium on unconventional gas mining.

2. Create no-go zones to protect productive agricultural land, national tourism icons and all residential dwellings from gas mining.

3. Strengthen the nvironment laws to exclude coal and gas mining from important water sources, cultural heritage sites and sensitive environment areas.

4. Put in place national standards on coal and gas pollution and enforce compliance.

5. Stop using taxpayers' money to provide handouts to big coal and gas corporations and make the miners pay their fair share in taxes.

6. Reject current development proposals for coal ports, mega-mines, dams and unconventional gas wells in significant areas.

7. Conduct research into greenhouse gas emissions from mining and make sure they are properly accounted and fully paid for.

8. Hold a Royal Commission to investigate the management of coal and gas resources by all Australian governments.