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Join the movement to bring down WA’s gas pollution for a safe climate future! 

Climate change is threatening our way of life in WA, yet our state’s emissions are continuing to rise because of increasing pollution from the gas industry. 
WA is in the grips of an emissions crisis, fuelled by pollution from the production of gas for export. 

Fossil fuel corporations are proposing new gas projects all over our beautiful state, from Woodside’s highly controversial Scarborough and Browse projects in the heart of the Pilbara, to multiple plans for fracking in the Kimberley wilderness. 

Bringing down gas pollution and stopping gas expansion in WA is the most effective way we can collectively address climate change in the place that we love and want to protect. 
Tackling WA’s emissions crisis is a huge opportunity for us to make a meaningful contribution to the global effort to tackle climate change, whilst building local community power.  

Take Action

  1. Did you make an appeal against the North West Shelf Extension? Join CCWA and the Environmental Defenders Office on Monday 5 December to learn how to make the most of your meeting with the Appeals Convenor. 

  2. Download this helpful step-by-step guide to meeting with your MP about the climate.

  3. Join our wonderful group of volunteers and be part of shaping our campaigns going forward!

Take Action!

Minister Whitby, as a concerned West Australian, who wants to see our state step up its response to our ongoing emissions crisis, I ask that you use the power of your office to stop any further expansion of fossil fuels, including gas, in WA.