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Whether it’s in the rugged far north of the Kimberley, the lush forests of the South West, or along our beautiful coastline and unique marine environment, we advocate for the protection and conservation of all nature across our great state. Campaigning and lobbying alongside our members and thousands of like-minded individuals, we strive towards meaningful change at a local level and to tackle critical environmental challenges on a much larger scale.

Our purpose is ensuring the protection and restoration of Western Australia’s natural environment – not just for our own generation, but for generations to come. We started out from humble beginnings in 1967, focused on local conservation projects. Today, climate change and ecological collapse are the greatest threats to WA - so we run a focused set of programs tackling fossil fuels, biodiversity loss, promoting community-led citizen science and moving towards a bright, green economic future.

From boardrooms to bushland and everything in between, CCWA is a unique mix of campaign group, environmental advocacy group, hands-on conservation body and a forum for like-minded organisations and individuals.

If you care deeply about protecting WA’s unique environment and maintaining a safe climate, then join us!