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Nuclear Power inquiry

There are state and federal laws that prohibit Nuclear Power. There is currently a federal inquiry into a proposal to lift the ban on nuclear power - a push made by a few federal Liberal and National MPs. We need your help to defend the ban on nuclear power. Make a submission by 12 December 2022. 

Nuclear power is too slow, dangerous and expensive to meet the challenges we face in the emerging climate crisis. Our energy future is renewable not radioactive. We must defend the prohibition on nuclear power so we can stop any further distraction from adopting the real solutions to climate change. 

Download the Don't Nuke The Climate submission guide here.


Make a submission

Submissions Close: 16 January 2023

Submit to: Committee Secretary, Senate Standing Committees on Environment and Communications Email: [email protected] 


To help defend the ban on nuclear power and keep Australia nuclear free here are some key points and helpful links highlighting why nuclear is no solution to the climate crisis.


  • Nuclear is the most expensive energy option
  • Nuclear is slow. It can take decades to build and would require a decade or more to develop the legislative framework
  • Nuclear is dangerous. Either through human error, disaster, or as a military target the catastrophic consequences of a nuclear disaster would permanently pollute.
  • Nuclear is unwanted. There is long standing popular opposition to nuclear power in Australia because of the issues above as well as the unsolved problem of nuclear waste and the link to nuclear weapons.
  • Alternatives like renewables, storage and energy efficiency are faster, cheaper, more deployable and enjoy much more public support


Q&A mythbusting with Dr Jim Green


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