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The Voice for a Nuclear Free Future for WA

The movement to keep WA nuclear free has been a marathon campaign since the 1970s - we have fought to stop uranium mining, prevent nuclear power and nuclear waste dumps and we've stood at the docks to wave off nuclear war ships. The Conservation Council has been a strong voice for a nuclear-free future for Western Australia for decades. Together we have kept nuclear power and nuclear waste at bay but the push for uranium mining in our state continues.

Uranium mining is different to other types of mining, uranium is radioactive and presents unique and long term risks to workers, communities and the environment. Uranium is fuel for nuclear power which ends up as radioactive waste or fuel for nuclear weapons.

There are no operating uranium mines in WA, after more than a decade of uranium exploration in WA. There are however four uranium mine projects with conditional environmental approval Kintyre (Cameco), Wiluna (Toro Energy), Yeelirrie (Cameco) and Mulga Rock (Vimy Resources). There have also been 85 exploration projects. Read more about WAs four uranium projects and the risks to fragile desert ecosystems here.

There is an ever growing push for WA to host nuclear waste which we continue to track and fend off. The nuclear power lobby in Australia continues to make inroads on pushing nuclear power as a climate solution - but it is too expensive, too slow and too risky. For Australia, climate change, bushfires, water shortages – make every aspect of the nuclear industry even more dangerous. We continue to collaborate with environment and climate groups to address the climate crisis and to shut down nuclear which is a dangerous distraction from taking real action on climate change. To read more about nuclear power visit Don't Nuke The Climate Australia.

The Treaty to ban nuclear weapons has now become international law, but Australia continues to frustrate the important movement to rid the world of nuclear weapons. Instead Australia is seeking to further entrench it's ties to nuclear weapons states like the US and the UK. To find out more about the treaty to ban nuclear weapons and the AUKUS nuclear submarine deal visit the Nobel Peace Prize winning org ICAN here.

Our future energy is clean and renewable not radioactive. We advocate to create a future that is safe and clean with renewable energy from the sun and wind. For West Australians it's our responsibility to keep WA uranium in the ground.

Together we are;   

  • Organising a sustained and united movement in Western Australia to ban uranium mining permanently.
  • Advocating for the responsible rehabilitation management of uranium exploration sites.
  • Working closely with Traditional Owners and communities affected by uranium mining to get their stories and voices out into the wider community.
  • Engaging in public policy advocacy to protect cultural heritage, wildlife and threatened species.



The Mulga Rock uranium project east of Kalgoorlie is pushing to become the state’s first uranium mine. Our community has fought for decades to protect the state from uranium mining and we don’t want approvals for a risky and uncertain project sneaking through at the last minute.

We hope you can join the Upurli Upurli Nguratia Traditional Owners and the Nuclear Free WA campaign at the upcoming Vimy Resources AGM to protest against the Mulga Rock uranium project.

Friday 26 November
10:30am - 11:30am

Quest South Perth Foreshore
22 Harper Terrace, South Perth

Protest to send a clear message that this uranium project is, unwanted, unnecessary and uneconomic!


This short yet powerful video of senior First Nations woman, Janice Scott on why she opposes uranium mining.


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