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Environmental Regulations and Pollution Control

CCWA’s long term focus on improving environmental regulation and pollution control continues. This has included representing the sector on government boards and committees, engaging the media, undertaking research, supporting advocacy by CCWA Member Groups, and facilitating community participation in government decision making.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Engagement with the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process continues to be a significant activity for CCWA. This includes referring projects for assessment, making formal and informal submissions and representation to the EPA, and where necessary lodging appeals against EPA decisions and recommendations where they are out of step with community values. Assisting the the community to engage with these process is also an important and ongoing part of our work.

In addition to engaging with the EIA on specific development proposals, CCWA continues to advocate for strengthened EIA processes and policies, increased independence, and additional resources for the EPA.

Protecting Water Resources

CCWA continues to advocate for improvements to the way water resources are managed and protected in WA, including through the Water Reform Stakeholder Advisory Group. A particular focus is to ensure that water allocations are sustainable in the changing climate, and that water quality is protected from industrial and other pollution sources.

Other Environmental Regulation

CCWA continues to undertake research and engage the public, media, politicians, and government regulators, as well as participate in the regulatory system through making submissions to government agencies and parliament.

We focus on the following key sectors and impacts:

  • Petroleum activities
  • Coal mining
  • Energy generation
  • Forest logging
  • Land clearing
  • Carbon pollution
  • Impacts to groundwater
  • Air quality
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