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Bindaring Vision

Bassendean is a beautiful place to live. Our sense of community, beautiful open spaces and proximity to the river all combine to create a Town that is unique.

We need to make sure we keep it that way.

Recently there have been attempts to erode the public open space in Bindaring Park. This wetland is a wildlife habitat, serving a vital function in times of heavy rainfall and flood and is enjoyed as a public open space for recreation. It could be so much more.

The Bindaring Vision is for a functional wetland helping to improve the health of the river including managed recreation space to ensure native flora and fauna can flourish, an inspiring nature-based playground, a conservation area with community access and free open space for all the activities we already enjoy in Bindaring Park.

As housing increases and yards grow smaller, natural areas become more and more important. Bindaring Vision is a way to ensure that this open space is one that works for everyone.

It’s important that Council knows that a public open space which performs an accessible recreational and environmental purpose is something that residents of the Town of Bassendean embrace.

This vision for the future enhancement of Bindaring Park is designed to protect and enhance the conservation values while serving as a nutrient filtering wetland feeding a permanent lake connected to the river.

This draft plan is for public discussion and has been prepared by concerned community members in response to Council plans to shrink the Bindaring Park area for housing development.