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Western Region Environment Network

WREN represents Environmental Groups and residents from throughout the Western
Region of Perth.

OUR MOTTO is “the preservation of all parklands, reserves, bushland, trees and open
spaces in the western region encompassing all the suburbs from North Fremantle to
Wembley Downs through to Leederville and Subiaco.”

South West Environment Centre Inc

South Coast Environment Group

Rockingham Regional Environment Centre INC (Naragebup)

Situated next to Lake Richmond, the Rockingham Regional Environment Centre INC (Naragebup) was opened in 2002 as the first purpose built environment centre in Western Australia.  We are a not-for-profit organisation that was built by the community, for the community.  

The centre was established as an education and resource facility for the community, to enable a greater understanding of environmental issues and sustainable lifestyle choices.

As well as educational programmes we also are involved in animal rehabilitation, including a program for the critically endangered Loggerhead Turtle.

Contact details:
(08) 9591 3077

Quinns Rocks Environmental Group

Perth Advocates for the Earth

Perth Advocates for the Earth are a group of friends trying to make a difference. We are deeply concerned about the lack of adequate legislation to protect animals in Australia, particularly our endangered wildlife but we are also concerned about issues concerning our fellow man and our impact on the environment.
Our aims and objectives are:

  • To educate and inform the public about animal welfare, human rights and environmental issues.
  • To raise funds for groups or organisations that don’t receive any (or enough) government, corporate or public funding
  • To raise the profile of groups or organisations that aren’t receiving adequate media or public attention.
  • To assist and become actively involved wherever we can at a grass roots level with petitioning, protesting and rallying.

Margaret River Regional Environment Centre Inc

The Margaret River Regional Environment Centre was established in 2000 to provide and disseminate information for locals and tourists alike, about political, social, cultural and spiritual environmental happenings in this region.

Our centre has been developed to promote the values of conservation and awareness of our local environment and the world environment in general. We believe it is essential to strike a balance between the demands of growth and developmental pressure on the one hand against the need to preserve, protect and enhance our natural environment on the other.

We rely on the involvement and support of the local community for the purpose of achieving real outcomes for our natural environment. We operate through a model of participatory democracy, whereby the people involved in the centre on a day to day basis make the decisions for our centre.

Email: [email protected]

Leeuwin Environment Inc

Leeuwin Environment Inc. is a locally based community organisation working to promote awareness of the environmental and social issues affecting the Margaret River - Augusta region. From its inception in 1970 (as the Leeuwin Conservation Group) to protect the Blackwood River from sandmining, it has been a forum where citizens could air their concerns about the environmental and social implications of development, and bring about improvements.

Over the years the group has been involved in forest campaigning, coastal development, local planning, marine park establishment, mining, water management and dam development, burning programs, and recycling. It has managed major coastal rehabilitation projects at Boodjidup and Kilcarnup. It has a number of affiliations, and supports the environmental work of other groups.


Phone: 9757 9385


Busselton-Dunsborough Environment Centre Inc

The Busselton-Dunsborough Environment Centre was initially founded to act as a community voice on local environmental issues and to raise awareness in the wider community on a range of environmental topics.  The organisation began in 1992 with a public meeting of concerned individuals which then became the foundation membership.

Currently BDEC continues with its mission of “promoting public awareness and community participation in the care, appreciation and protection of the natural environment” by :

  • Publishing a variety of brochures freely available to the public.
  • The publication and sale of the book “A Journey into the Ludlow Tuart Forest”.
  • Organising and/or hosting events and presentations for the public.
  • Participating in a variety of  local and regional events
  • Providing submissions to local, state and federal government agencies on matters of environmental concern.
  • Organising an annual community tree planting day as part of our ongoing Ludlow revegetation project.
  • Producing a monthly newsletter
  • Maintaining the BDEC website and a Facebook page
  • Participating in various shire committees from time to time
  • Belonging to a broader network of other environmental NGOs 

In addition to the above, we are the governing body of two other organisations which assist us in fulfilling our mission, as well as providing unique services to the local community - the Busselton Dunsborough Volunteers and the Geographe Community Landcare Nursery.

The Busselton Dunsborough Volunteers Centre is a volunteer resource centre which provides services for those interested in volunteering within the local community.  The centre primarily provides a referral service for interested volunteers to not-for-profit agencies which rely on volunteers.  Individuals or agencies interested in such a service can find out more here.

The Geographe Community Landcare Nursery produces and provides a variety of local native plants for revegetation projects in the local area.  Those interested in discovering more about the nursery can find out more here.