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Frack Free WA Community Leaders

What does it mean to be a Community Leader?

As a Community Leader, you'll come into our office to work with a diverse and passionate community of like-minded people. You'll be introduced to our Community Organising model - a method of campaigning that empowers movements by prioritising relationship building and high-powered, focused action. If we're going to end the injustice that is climate change, and destructive industries that threaten our communities and environment like unconventional gas fracking, we need more West Australians to understand that this is urgent. We need to build a movement.

As a Community Leader, you'll be at the forefront of this movement. You'll drive our campaigns through engaging in grassroots organising action and old-school conversations, both online and offline. You'll have the chance to be trained in high impact, hard hitting and best practise campaigning, as well as taking core outreach actions like phonebanking, media stunts and MP meetings.

As a Frack Free WA Community Leader, you'll be helping lead the charge in the fight to stop gas fracking in WA.

Now's the time. Sign up below to get cracking.

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