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Roleybushcare Inc

Who Are We?

Roleybushcare is an environmental community group that is focused on the maintaining and protecting the bushland around the Roleystone and Karragullen areas.

We are a non-profit, volunteer organisation. The group receives funding from sponsorships and government grants to pay for the cost of materials.

We have regular revegetation field days during winter and dieback treatment field days during spring, summer and autumn.These days are made possible by the continuous participation of the community, so if you have the time, please feel free to join in.

Mission Statement

The objectives of the Group are:-

  • To work with the community to improve the conservation and social values of Roleystone bushland reserves.
  • To treat the bushland reserves in and around Roleystone to prevent the spread of dieback and minimize the impact of the disease on the reserves.
  • To educate the Roleystone community about the causes of dieback, nature of its spread and methods to treat susceptible or infected plants.
  • To encourage the community to reduce the risk of spreading or increasing the impact of dieback on local government reserves and on their own properties.
  • To foster dieback awareness and knowledge of methods to combat dieback in other local communities and conservation groups.


The Roleystone Dieback Action group (aka the Dieback Busters) was formed in 1991 when concerned residents were noticing the Jarrah trees in the area were dying. Ian Colquhoun has chaired the group since its inception.
An independent website,, was originally created by Chris Horgan and Paul Mutton in March 2006. The site's original objective was to provide a forum for environmental groups, and to provide a source of local bushland information for the area.
Once realising that our objectives were akin, in 2007 the resources for the website and the Dieback Busters merged. The group was renamed Roleybushcare The website is now managed by the group.

http://[email protected]

Contact numbers: