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Friends of Brixton St Wetlands Kenwick

Preservation of this natural heritage grew out of a campaign by the Waterbird Conservation Group in the late 1980′s, leading to the founding of the Friends group in 1994.

Our continuing mission is the conservation and restoration of the Brixton St Wetlands and sharing the rewards of our efforts with the local community. Our group of volunteers are committed to helping maintain the thriving ecosystem which is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna; including the endangered Bandicoot or Southern Brown Bandicoot (Quenda).

Having succeeded in raising awareness about the importance of this area to the community and local government, our group developed a set of management objectives and devised a clear focus that would better understand the importance of the claypans, the flora, the animals and the bird habitat in the region. Restoring the area to a state that is as natural as possible has been the mission of the friends and accomplishing this is a testament to the support and tireless efforts of the many individuals who have supported our cause over the years.


What we do:

  • Create awareness and appreciation of the wetlands that are habitat for native and migratory birds, for breeding and wading species
  • Assist with ecological studies of the fauna and flora in the wetlands area
  • Share information with other interested groups and organisations
  • Encourage the preservation, and where needed revegetation and enhancement of the wetland area for the benefit of indigenous flora and  fauna
  • Provide information for educational and community purposes
  • Maintain the bushland, fencing, paths and entrances
  • Offer guided tours and recreational activities for newcomers and interested members of the public, whether young or old, fit or disabled.

In 2004, in recognition of its conservation significance the Wetlands were vested in the Conservation Commission of Western Australia as a nature reserve for conservation of flora and fauna managed by the Department of Environment and Conservation. A management committee with representation from the Friends, DEC and the City of Gosnells has been responsible for management of the Wetlands. Management actions include weed management and bushland restoration, the upgrading of fences, placement of signs and rubbish removal.

Join the Friends

We’re always keen to share stories or provide information, and we are proud of the success our group has achieved so far. If it sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, don’t wait….get in touch with us today!

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