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Waste and Recycling

Resource consumption and waste generation remain significant drivers of environmental degradation in WA. After little attention to this issue by the WA Government for many years, our state continues to have high rates of litter and the majority of waste continues to be landfilled.

CCWA has maintained a focus on waste for many years, however this year the election of a new State Government presented a opportunity to increase our efforts in partnership with a number of allies.

Our Waste and Recycling campaign is Plastic Free WA.

Plastic Free WA

Sarah.jpgIn just a few short decades, plastic has found its way into almost every part of our lives and into every corner of the planet. Plastic waste is now found in the deepest parts of our oceans, in the most remote ecosystems, and even in our own bodies.

And Western Australia is no exception – our own CCWA Citizen Scientists have found microplastics polluting the sand of every beach we have tested.

We launched Plastic Free WA in partnership with Sea Shepherd Australia’s Marine Debris CampaignPlastic Free July, and Boomerang Alliance on 8 June 2017 - World Oceans Day - to call for behavioural and legislative change around single use plastic bags, single use drinks bottles, and microbeads.

The story of Tina the Turtle played a central role in building awareness of the Plastic Free WA campaign this year. Tina was a juvenile green sea turtle who was rescued from a ramp in Shoalwater and taken to Perth Zoo for treatment, where the team discovered that her digestive system was completely blocked by plastic rubbish.

Tina was humanely euthanased, and her story continues to compel us and others to advocate for a Plastic Free WA.

Since its launch in mid 2017, the Plastic Free WA alliance has welcomed an announcement from the State Government on their ban on single use plastic bags by 1 July 2018, as well as their community consultation on the container deposit scheme.

Through Plastic Free WA we have:

  • United more than 12,000 people in the vision for a cleaner, safer environment through consumer behaviour change and improved waste management
  • Built relationships with partner organisations Sea Shepherd Australia’s Marine Debris Campaign, Plastic Free July, and Boomerang Alliance
  • Attracted over 3000 signatures for a ban on single use plastic bags, the implementation of a container deposit scheme, and a ban on microbeads
  • Received over 400 responses on our recycling survey, which will be sent to the State Government as part of their community consultation for the container deposit scheme
  • Secured online and broadcast media coverage across the state
  • Hosted a public forum and community leaders panel that united experts, NGOs, and politicians
  • Supported CCWA’s groundbreaking Citizen Science Microplastics Project which was featured on Today Tonight

The next steps for Plastic Free WA include supporting community members to encourage their local businesses to go plastic free.

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