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Woodside ‘deeply entrenched in oil and gas’ as peak body slams company’s latest climate reporting

The Conservation Council of WA (CCWA) has slammed Woodside’s latest climate report, describing the document as ‘just not credible’ and lacking ‘any meaningful commitments to reduce emissions’.


Woodside - which is one of Australia’s biggest fossil fuel polluters on account of its large portfolio of gas projects - published its 2022 Climate Report this morning as part of a raft of shareholder reports and investor briefings.

The latest iteration of Woodside’s climate reporting differs little from the 2021 edition, which was widely pilloried as ‘light on detail’ and criticised for inadequate emissions reporting – particularly around Scope 3 emissions. That report was opposed by 49 per cent of Woodside’s shareholders at its 2022 AGM, representing the lowest level of shareholder support for a climate plan for any Australian fossil fuel company.

Woodside Chair, Richard Goyder admits in the opening message of today’s report that the 2022 edition differs little from the previous year.

“Much of this report is similar to our Climate Report 2021 because our understanding and strategy remains consistent”, he wrote.

In the 2022 report, Woodside says its objective is to ‘thrive’ through the ‘energy transition’ and that the company is committed to ‘new oil and gas opportunities’.

Woodside’s continued development and exploitation of new oil and gas fields is contrary to the warnings of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which has called for no new oil, gas or coal projects in order to tackle spiralling global greenhouse gas emissions. That stance is shared by the International Energy Agency (IEA) which in November 2022, again urged a rapid move towards decarbonisation and investment in clean energy.

Woodside is currently planning massive expansion of its controversial gas export business in Western Australia, including the development of both the Scarborough and Browse projects.

Maggie Wood from the CCWA, said: "Woodside's climate report is just not credible.

"Woodside is using this opportunity to justify the continued production and use of oil and gas at a time where there is international consensus on the need to rapidly decarbonise.

"It is impossible to deliver credible action on emissions reduction if your entire business model is reliant on fossil fuels. Woodside is a fossil fuel company which, rather than moving towards clean and renewable energy sources, is deeply entrenched in oil and gas.

"There are no signs that Woodside is changing course any time soon. It has made no improvements on its 2021 report which was rejected by an overwhelming number of shareholders. Woodside has flatly ignored this and once again failed to make any meaningful commitments to reduce emissions."





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