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Yellowcake Country - Webinar Series

May 25, 2020

Yellowcake Country is a 5 part series exploring the local, national and international impacts of Australia’s uranium industry.



Maralinga to Mulga Rock, the Spinifex Story

Wednesday 18 November 2020 5.30 pm - 7.00 pm (AWST)

(AEST) 7.30 pm - 9.00 pm

Zoom link,

This exciting webinar will facilitate the continued public debate about the risks and responsibilities of our involvement in the global nuclear trade. We will bring together a powerful, united movement across the world to share stories for a nuclear-free future.

The hour and a half format will include guest speakers presentation and plenty of time for questions and discussion from the public.  

Links to past webinars include;

Don't Nuke the Climate - Listen to an excellent panel of speakers to hear about why nuclear power is not the answer to climate change, the solutions and an update on the Federal environment legislation - EPBC Act that is currently under review.  Fremantle MP, Josh Wilson speaks on the findings and outcomes from the “Parliamentary inquiry into the pre-requisites for nuclear energy in Australia”. Dr Jim Green, Australian Friends of the Earth gives a great mythbusting “new” nuclear technology and the truth about “small modular reactors” - a look at the costs, risks, timeliness a review on why the solutions put forward by the nuclear sector can’t address the climate crisis we face. Tim Buckley from the Institute Energy Economics and Financial Analysis present on the energy solutions to the climate crisis we face, the outlook for renewables in the context of the renewed push for nuclear power.  Mia Pepper gives a snapshot of the Don't Nuke the Climate campaign the energy debate and the link to Australia’s waning uranium sector. Watch here

Uranium and Nuclear Weapons -  Listen to the update on the nuclear-free WA campaign and then tune into to International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) Australia excellent co-founders, Dave Sweeney, Dimity Hawkins and ambassadors and former senators Melissa Parke and Scott Ludlam as they share powerful and important stories of the work to rid the world of nuclear weapons. It is a great portrait of the effectiveness and brilliance of the ICAN campaign and the treaty to ban nuclear weapons. They reminded us of, how ordinary people when working collectively, creatively and consistently have the ability to make a difference. Watch here

Jason Bilney - Barngarla Determination Aboriginal Corporation chairperson Jason Bilney shares the Barngarla Traditional Owners views on Country, culture, consultation and consent in relation to the federal government’s planned national radioactive waste facility at Kimba in regional South Australia. Watch here

South Australia too good to waste. Highlights from the SA: Too Good to Waste webinar on 08 July 2020. Listen to Jason Bilney, Barngarla Aboriginal Determination Corporation, Vivianne McKenzie, Adnyamathanha Traditional Owner, Peter Woolford, No Radioactive Waste on Agricultural Land, and Dave Sweeney, Australian Conservation Foundation's Nuclear Free Campaigner. The Senate will soon vote on new laws that would make SA regional town of Kimba, Australia's national dumping and long term storage site for radioactive waste. This poorly considered plan is a real threat, and we can do better. You will hear about local concerns and actions and the need for a more responsible national approach. Watch here

Where does Australian uranium go? In the first of the Yellowcake Country series, we explore the international impacts of Australian uranium in Taiwan, Japan and India. The webinar is a stark reminder of the risks, challenges and long-lasting impacts around the world of Australia's involvement in the nuclear trade. Watch here

Please contact K-A on [email protected] if you have any queries or questions.

For over three decades the nuclear-free WA campaign has been successful at preventing uranium mining in our state, will you make a tax-deductible donation to ensure the campaign continues its important work to keep uranium in the ground?   







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