Scorecard: Where the parties stand on the environment

On Saturday, the way we vote will have a much bigger impact on our environment and our future than most people realise.

Professors Form Advocacy Group for Environmental Responsibility

The Beeliar Group of professors has recently formed in response to their concern about the ongoing destruction of the Beeliar Wetlands by the State Government.

Why the environment might cost Barnett the election

WA has a history of political parties and conservative leaders badly misjudging the mood of the electorate on environmental issues, including at election time. It happened in 2001 when the Gallop Labor Government was elected on the back of the campaign to stop logging of ancient forests in the South West. Since then, major environmental campaigns including the James Price Point LNG development in the Kimberley, and the culling of sharks have wrong-footed Premier Barnett.  Right now it is happening again with the Roe 8 highway, gas fracking, climate change, and a range of other local issues resulting from poor environmental decisions by a Government that has failed to consult, engage, or understand the communities they affect.

Monitoring shearwaters on Breaksea Island

The volunteer team crouch patiently amongst the low coastal vegetation, peering keenly into the fading light. “There’s one!” someone whispers excitedly, pointing to the silent silhouette winging its way over the sloping, granitic island. It is just after sunset, and we are perched on the flanks of Breaksea Island, one of the granite tors that protect Albany from the surging Southern Ocean. As we watch, the silhouette glides silently over a ridge and out of sight.

Dear Albert Jacob, Please Urgently Intervene In The Roe 8 Toll Road Project

Dear Albert Jacob, Minister for the Environment

I draw your urgent attention to an extremely alarming situation unfolding in the Beeliar Wetlands, which concerns not only serious and ongoing non-compliance with your Ministerial Conditions for the Roe 8 toll road project, but also an unfolding animal welfare disaster, a serious threat to human health, and a total loss of faith by the community in the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) – the State’s principal environmental regulator.

Why every West Australian must protest the Roe 8 Toll Road

For many people who have been introduced to the Roe 8 toll road and the Beeliar Wetlands via their recent nightly news, they might be wondering what all the fuss is about.

The EPA dropping climate is a nod and a wink to fracking

Those of us anxiously reading the runes for signs of what the Trump administration means for human health and the environment needn’t spend too long ruminating on gloomy hypotheticals.

Minister for the Environment must protect endangered wildlife from land clearing

Now that new biodiversity conservation laws have been passed by the WA Parliament, it is time for the Minister for the Environment to take urgent action to protect endangered wildlife from land clearing and other habitat destruction.

Open letter to CCWA Members and Supporters about the Environmental Defenders Office Western Australia

Dear CCWA Members and Supporters

The Environmental Defender’s Office WA (EDO) needs our help

For over 20 years, the EDO has been an independent legal voice for the environment and assisted numerous CCWA member groups and associated campaigns in critical work to protect the environment.