Liberal’s cynical attack on WA renewable energy will backfire with voters

Western Australia’s peak environment group has warned that the Liberal party’s attack on renewable energy - involving full page ads in community newspapers and ‘robo-calls’ to voters in marginal seats - is a cynical and desperate campaign tactic that will backfire on the party.

Expert forum to explore potential for WA Renewable Energy Transition

The RenewWA alliance, Conservation Council of WA, and Curtin University will hold a public forum this evening with international renewable energy and new industry development expert Professor Peter Droege, to discuss the potential for Western Australia and the town of Collie to transition from reliance on coal and gas towards a renewable energy future.

Health academic warns of fracking’s impact on public health in WA

An internationally renowned health academic is to argue for a cessation of the unconventional gas and fracking industry until risks to public health and environment can be proven not to occur. 

West Australians to be denied new jobs and cheaper, cleaner power without Renewable Energy Target

Households and businesses will be denied the benefits of cheaper and cleaner electricity, and the State will miss out on new jobs and investment if the next State Government does not introduce a Renewable Energy Target, according to the State’s peak environment group.

Faith leaders unite to voice concerns on fracking in WA

Religious leaders are uniting to warn about the dangers of fracking ahead of a public forum to be held next week at St George’s Cathedral, Perth.

Climate Consensus Statement welcomed by WA’s peak environment group

Western Australia’s peak environment group has welcomed the release of a Climate Consensus Statement supported by a broad alliance of groups including farmers, churches, unions, and doctors. The groups are asking all political parties to commit to the policies outlined in the Statement, which are aimed at tackling the State’s rising pollution and transitioning to a renewable energy economy.

Doctors, faith groups, farmers, unions join forces ahead of election in state’s broadest coalition on climate change in history

A diverse group of 40 signatories representing Western Australian health professionals, religious leaders, farmers, renewable industry experts, environmentalists and unions are today launching a joint statement calling on all parties leading into the WA elections to provide decisive action against climate change.

Environment Groups Join to Release Election Priorities

An unprecedented alliance of local, state and national environment and conservation groups has unveiled a plan for protecting WA’s environment and transitioning to a low pollution economy ahead of the State election in March.

The Leeuwin Group calls all parties to support an Environment Court in Western Australia

Emeritus Professor John Bailey, the convenor of the Leeuwin Group of Concerned Scientists, said, “Recent Court findings and Government decisions have demonstrated that WA needs to join the rest of the country and establish an Environment Court urgently”.