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Australian Marine Conservation Society

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) is the voice for Australia's ocean wildlife. We are an independent charity, staffed by a committed group of professional and passionate scientists, educators and advocates who have defended Australia's oceans for over 45 years. Our paid and volunteer staff work every day on behalf of the community to protect our ocean wildlife.

For too long our seas have been over-burdened and under-protected. We have treated them as a dumping ground and a source of endless bounty. However the good news is that things are changing. People are recognising that the seas are changing beneath the waves. The fish aren't as plentiful and as big as they used to be. The corals aren't as healthy and the kelp forests aren't as grand. The good news is we still have time to turn the tide.

AMCS works on the big issues concerning the sea. We work to recover our threatened species, stop overfishing and create marine national parks, places in the sea where our wildlife is safe from harm.

If you want to help ensure Australia's coasts and oceans remain healthy and free for tomorrow's generations, jump aboard and join us today.