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Nature Program

CCWA has been protecting nature since 1967 and played a key role in establishing the Environmental Protection Authority in 1971. The CCWA Nature Program launched in May 2024 to defend and strengthen our state and federal environment laws, as well as drive a positive agenda for nature conservation in Western Australia. 

From our magnificent landscapes, unique wildlife, and globally significant biodiversity; from the Kimberley to the Southwest forests and Coral coast, Western Australia’s natural values are part of our sense of place and wellbeing. 

But the nature we love is in serious trouble. Ecosystems are collapsing, and our wildlife populations are plummeting. Right now, amid the extinction and climate crises, vested interests are pressuring governments to weaken our nature laws to more easily exploit nature for profit.  

We are working with allies and member groups to defend WA’s nature from these increasing threats by campaigning for strong nature laws and building a powerful grassroots nature protection force in WA.

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State MP Briefer – WA EPA Reform

Right now, the WA Government is looking to amend the Environmental Protection Act 1986 and weaken WA’s Environment Protection Authority (EPA). The WA Government must stop the erosion of the WA EPA and strengthen nature laws to defend nature and the places we love.

Western Australia is home to magnificent landscapes, unique wildlife and globally-significant biodiversity. From
the Kimberley, to the South West forests and our coral reefs, our world-renowned nature has profound intrinsic
values, and is fundamental to our sense of place, well-being and livelihoods.

State MP Briefer – WA Climate Change Bill

The WA Government’s decision on its Climate Change Bill will determine how our
state responds to the climate crisis at a critical time for emissions reductions.

Western Australia has just recorded its hottest and driest summer on record, causing forest collapse in the South
West, coral bleaching at Ningaloo and mass deaths of vulnerable species in the Perth metro area.

Every fraction of a degree of global temperature rise will worsen the hazards WA faces, from increased heat-
related illnesses to loss of wildlife and more extreme weather events. Declining rainfall, rising temperatures,

severe flooding, and more intense bushfires are already impacting nature, our health, and our livelihoods.

Federal MP Briefer – EPBC Act Reform

Right now, the Albanese Government is reforming the Environment Protection and
Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act.

This is our national framework for protecting the environment, including plants, animals, water, and significant places.