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Citizen science is a research and monitoring program driven by volunteers and scientists to gather data and answer questions about real-world questions. Such datasets are increasingly important for understanding how ecosystems might be responding to the effects of climate change or pollution.

CCWA's Citizen Science Program is designed to generate engagement at a community level and fill some of the important gaps in knowledge left by our governments, industries and research institutions. Observations can contribute to the ecological research and monitoring. Outcomes from this include improved local environmental knowledge, community empowerment in decision-making processes and an increased engagement with the natural environment. 

Our collaboration between scientists, graduates, students, community groups and non-government organisations enables us to achieve amazing things.


Citizen Science Handbook

Fauna Sampling Manual

Fairy Tern (Sternula nereis) Conservation in South-Western Australia

Gondwana Link: Monitoring & Evaluating the Outcomes of NRM Interventions


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