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Our work

Western Australia is an area of global biodiversity significance – 8 of the 15 Australian biodiversity hotspots are found in WA. Our South West region is recognised as one of the world’s 34 biodiversity hotspots, and many species of flora and fauna in WA are endemic, found nowhere else on the planet. It is critical that we do everything possible to conserve and protect the unique and biodiverse nature of WA.

Very few places on earth can boast such diverse, dramatic and unique natural places – from the flat arid stretches of the Nullarbor to the lush forests of the South West, the crystal blue coastlines on the Indian Ocean and the dry rugged wildernesses of the Kimberley.

But these remarkable landscapes, and the species which call them home, are under ever increasing threats from land clearing, habitat loss, destructive mining, pollution from fossil fuels and a changing climate.

WA holds global relevance in the climate crisis. Regrettably, we are the only Australian state in which greenhouse gas emissions are rising against the 2005 Paris Agreement baseline. Existing State and Federal regulations are currently enabling LNG export growth at a scale that will continue to drive global temperature rise and increase the frequency of catastrophic climate events.

What we do in WA today will impact the world. CCWA is determined to lead that change. It is for these reasons that our work focuses on the two critical themes – Conservation and Climate.