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Fossil Fuels program

Stopping the biggest new gas projects from going ahead is one of the most effective ways we can collectively address climate change in the place that we love and want to protect. 

We are working on multiple fronts to stop gas expansion and strengthen government climate policies and legislation to protect our state. Our vision will move Western Australia beyond gas by building local community power and supporting the WA climate movement.  

What we do in WA today will impact the world. CCWA is determined to lead that change. 

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Save Scott Reef

Scott Reef is under threat from Woodside’s Burrup Hub mega-gas project, Australia’s biggest and most polluting gas development. 

Scott Reef is one of the most ecologically significant marine environments in the world, but this sanctuary for many species – including the vulnerable green sea turtles and the endangered pygmy blue whales - is now at risk. 

Fossil fuel giant Woodside plans to drill up to 50 gas wells around the reef for its Browse to North West Shelf project. Not only will this be a disaster for our marine life, but if it goes ahead the Burrup Hub would emit 6.1 billion tonnes of carbon pollution. 

We must have no new fossil fuel projects to ensure the future of the reef and any chance of a liveable climate, yet Woodside continues to put profit over people and the planet.  

It is time for the community to come together and stand up to one of WA's biggest polluters to save Scott Reef for good! 

Four things you can do to Save Scott Reef:

  1. Email Tanya Plibersek to save Scott Reef

  2. Email your MPs to reject the North West Shelf extension

  3. Come to the Woodside AGM action on Wednesday 24 April!

  4. Donate to support our work advocating for our environment and climate. 





Together, we can build the community power necessary to shift the politics of fossil gas in WA, stand up to WA’s biggest polluters and bring down emissions in our state.

Our vision is to keep gas in the ground, ensure the state has strong climate legislation, and for WA to go beyond gas.

We are building a sustainable and inclusive society that embraces renewable energy, strengthens community bonds, and safeguards the natural world for generations to come.

What's involved:

  • Opportunities to become an advocate for bold climate action within your community
  • Join creative community events
  • Fun interactive sessions to learn how to speak with your MP

Check out Go Beyond Gas here >

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