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January 2019

Welcome to 2019! We hope you had a fantastic break, and are looking forward to the exciting events and opportunities that this year holds for us all.

Being the passionate group of people that you are, the conservation community has already been hard at work across the state. Here are just some of your highlights from January:

A message from Piers about our Fracking Fighting Fund:

“A big thanks to those who have donated and shared our Fracking Fighting Fund - every dollar counts! If you haven't already, you can chip in here, and share our Facebook post to encourage others to donate too.

The Government has revealed that four potential fracking projects could gain approval in the near term. It is now essential that our community challenges each one of these fracking projects at every level to ensure they do not proceed.

Will you donate to build the Frack Free Future movement, so that together we’re stronger than ever and ready to take on the fracking industry? You can donate here!”

A message from Kate about Clean State:

“In October last year we launched our Clean State campaign. Since then thousands of people have signed our petition, put up ‘I want action on climate change’ signs, and joined our Facebook page. We've spoken face to face with hundreds of people at our outreach stalls at markets and festivals, and we are proud to announce we will be at Nannup festival 1 to 4 March and at RTR's Neon Picnic 23 March. Thanks so much for your passion and renewable energy!

We know that in the coming weeks critical decisions will be made about WA's biggest climate polluters, so please sign and share the petition if you haven't already. We’ve got a brilliant new video which we hope you enjoy and can share to get the word out. Together we're getting action on climate change and tackling the biggest polluters in the state. #letsdothis #cleanstatewa #renewablessuperpower”

A message from KA about Nuclear Free WA:

“We are delighted to announce our first event for the year: All Creatures Great and Small Public Forum on Extinction, Environmental Law and the Yeelirrie Court Case, which will be held on Wed 20 Feb at 6pm at the Tattersall Lecture Theatre at the University of Western Australia.

The event will be a great opportunity to learn about our unique wildlife, biodiversity and ecology.  We will discuss how how current laws are failing our wildlife, and how the landmark Yeelirrie court case aims to uphold environment laws and prevent extinction.

We’d love to see you at our public forum, but if you can’t make it please support the Yeelirrie court case and donate here! Thanks a million.

A message from Jeremy about Protect Ningaloo:

"This has been incredibly inspiring time for those of us working to save Exmouth Gulf from industrialisation. The story is really getting out and Protect Ningaloo's community continues to grow! Clearly, Ningaloo is an important place to many Australians, and the passion shown to protect it from inappropriate development is palpable and deeply encouraging.

A new study has been released that demonstrates how critical conservation of the Gulf is for humpback whales and their calves. Increased noise, human activity and heavy vessels will affect communication, feeding, resting and preparations for the arduous journey to Antarctica. Additionally, humpback mothers and calves rest and nurse several metres below the surface. They will not be seen by spotters but will be prone to strikes by large vessels. If anyone needed additional reasons to protect the extraordinary nursery that is Exmouth Gulf, this is it.  

Recently we took action to refer the operation of large oil and gas vessels in Exmouth Gulf to the EPA for assessment. These vessels have been operating in Exmouth Gulf at an unprecedented level, and for the first time they’ve been present in the Gulf throughout the entire humpback whale nursing season. They don’t have authorisation, nor have they carried out even basic environmental assessments, despite the incredible level of biodiversity in the Gulf.

This area is far too precious to be turned into a fossil fuel hub, which is why together, we'll continue to take this on. Will you join us?

A message from Callum about the Melville Bird Sanctuary proposal:

“Alfred Cove is an internationally recognised A-class nature reserve located on the southern banks of our Swan River. It is home to some truly incredible bird species, many of which are rare and migratory, travelling from as far away as Siberia to call the area home.

Unfortunately, a company called Urbnsurf has been granted a 50 year lease to the area, and the Department of Planning will soon consider the construction of an environmentally destructive and economically questionable wave park. Instead, CCWA is supporting community groups proposing the construction of the Melville Bird Sanctuary and Discovery Centre as an alternative. This proposal would see this incredible part of our city conserved for locals and tourists alike to marvel at some of the most incredible bird species in the world.

If you would like to help preserve a truly precious and unique part of our city, you can sign our petition and join our Facebook page."

And a taste of what’s to come…

Thank you for all that you do for our wildlife and environment. We’re so grateful to have you in our community!

See you soon,

Sarah and the team at CCWA


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Our team acknowledges that we meet and work on the land of the Nyoongar people. We pay respect to their Elders - past, present, and future - and acknowledge the important role all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people continue to play in advancing a more sustainable Western Australia.

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