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Positions with Us

Here at the CCWA we are powered by community, and we know the power of people and communities working together for a sustainable future. All across our beautiful state, we support people to work and volunteer to protect our environment for present and future generations.

Volunteer Office Coordinator (jobshare)

The CCWA is seeking a team of highly qualified and driven volunteers to work with us in our West Perth office on the management of our shared space. This is a great opportunity for anyone seeking to support an engaged and busy team working in environmental advocacy. Those who fill the role shall connect with local environmentalists, learn about and support conservation efforts in WA and be a valued member of our team.

Duties and tasks we need your help with include:

  • Picking up and sorting our mail at reception
  • Answering the phones and forwarding calls appropriately
  • Attend team meetings and take notes, from time to time
  • Be the welcoming and friendly presence at our front desk
  • Help us de-clutter and organise where possible
  • Some data entry is desirable, but not necessary if you’re not a computer person

If you are interested in volunteering at this event please contact Melissa Wheeler at [email protected]

Annual Conference Volunteers (various opportunities)

We are offering an exciting opportunity to volunteer at the Conservation Council of WA's Annual Conference on Saturday 21 November. 

The conference will deliver a unique and inspiring program aimed at addressing environmental issues in a rapidly changing world.

We are looking for enthusiastic and outgoing volunteers to support us and help make this event a success. There are various volunteering opportunities available throughout the day including helping with set-up and pack down, parking attendants, conference registration, CCWA Stall, catering, drinks service and general assistance.

Volunteers are welcome to stay for the whole or part of the day. A ticket to the conference and food will be included.

If you are interested in volunteering at this event please contact Sara Boranga at [email protected]

Environmental Roles (Voluntary/Internship)

If you would like to gain some voluntary experience to set you up for an incredible career, here a few options for you:

  • Member Groups: You might like to browse our list of Member Groups, who tend to specialise in more on-the-ground work, and who often need an extra pair of skilled hands! You're welcome to start the conversation with them directly. 

  • Citizen Science: You could also check out our exciting Citizen Science program and get in touch with Dr Nic Dunlop through there!