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State Recovery Advisory Group to Guide WA’s COVID-19 Recovery

The Conservation Council of WA has been appointed to the State Recovery Advisory Group which will support the State Government in WA’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Advisory Group includes representatives from business, industry, not-for-profit organisations, unions, the public sector, local government and the community.

The Advisory Group will help to guide the development of the State Recovery Plan, including by identifying opportunities for recovery and economic stimulus.  

Being part of the committee presents an important opportunity for CCWA and Clean state to prevent environmentally damaging forms of economic stimulus, and instead promote measures that address climate change and benefit our natural environment.  

What will we be advocating for as part of the recovery? 

CCWA and Clean State have already been active in promoting ideas and opportunities for recovery that address the closely related challenges of climate change, environmental protection and job creation. This is a unique opportunity to position Western Australia advantage of our huge potential as a clean and sustainable state with a secure economy, strong communities and a safe climate. 

We have worked with Landcare and Natural Resource Management (NRM) groups to identify an exciting package of conservation projects across the state, and many businesses and organisations have already signed on to our open letter to the WA Premier calling for a Clean Jobs Stimulus and Recovery Package for WA 

While the oil and gas industry continues to push for yet more taxpayer subsidies to support its expansion plans, we know this would be a disaster for our climate and would produce few jobs and benefits for West Australians. Instead, we will be supporting policies and stimulus measures that help transition our economy away from dirty gas and fossil fuels and instead make our state competitive in a rapidly emerging low carbon economy. 

The good news is that climate action industries like carbon farming, renewable energy, sustainable transport, Landcareand renewable mining and minerals create far more jobs per dollar of investment and far better outcomes for our communities than the oil and gas industryThese projects not only employ more people but deliver co-benefits of a cleaner environment, cheaper energyhealthier communities, a stronger economy, and of course a safer climate 

Over the coming weeks, we will be releasing more exciting research on the opportunity to create thousands of new jobs through conservation and climate action here in WAWe are also calling for individuals, businesses and the broader community to submit your own ideas that can create jobs and deliver action on climate change or conservation. 

How can you help?  

There are three great ways you can support a Clean State and conservation recovery plan for WA 

1) Sign and share the open letter to the WA Premier calling for a Clean Jobs Stimulus and Recovery Package for WA. 

2) Sign the petition calling for no government subsidies for fossil fuel projects as part of the COVID-19 recovery 

3) If you have a project or idea that can create jobs and deliver action on climate change or conservation, we want to hear from you! Submit your ideas and proposals here   



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