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Ancient Bush Tucker from the Mid-West

Photo of Tecticornia arborea Paul G.Wilson

Ancient Bush Tucker From the Mid West – An experimental demonstration of the use of traditional Aboriginal seed grinding tools.

Presented by Dr Vicky Winton:
Out in the hot, dry bush of the Mid West region (Wajarri Yamatji country) there is a wealth of plant life traditionally used for food by Aboriginal people. A wide variety of seeds were eaten including mulga (Acacia aneura – a small tree with a wide distribution) and Bulli Bulli (which some people have identified as Tecticornia arborea¬ – a chenopod succulent only found on a few lake beds). In this session, Vicky will discuss the archaeological traces associated with ancient plant use and experiment to demonstrate how the seeds of mulga and Tecticornia arborea can be processed using stone grinding implements.

FB event:

May 25, 2016 at 9:30am - 11:30am
Hilton Harvest Community Garden
90 S Rennie Cres
Hilton, WA 6163
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