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Animal Rights Advocates Inc

Animal Rights Advocates Inc. (ARA) is a volunteer-run not for profit animal rights organisation based in Perth, Western Australia that campaigns for the abolition of animal exploitation.

A world in which other animals are no longer considered the property of humans, the farming of other animals is replaced with ecologically sustainable vegan agriculture and humans and other

ARA recognises that other animals are sentient individuals who possess inherent value regardless of their usefulness to humans and therefore are entitled to certain basic rights.
ARA believes that the institutionalised exploitation of other animals exists as a direct result of them being defined as 'property' and seen as resources for human use.
Therefore, ARA seeks to promote the rights of other animals and expose and abolish cruelty and their institutionalised exploitation by humans. This is achieved through a combination of public education, political advocacy and by investigating and documenting abuse.
Enquiries please contact: [email protected]