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Canning voters want renewable energy: poll

Almost two-thirds of Canning voters support Labor’s 50% renewable energy target (48.6% Libs)

  • 23% of undecided voters rate renewables as their most important issue
  • Renewable energy third most important issue behind economy and jobs


Renewable energy is shaping up as a major election issue in the Canning byelection in Western Australia, according to a poll conducted on Monday evening.

Almost two-thirds (64.9 per cent) of Canning voters support a 50 per cent renewable energy target by 2030, with only less than 10 (9.9) per cent opposed to the ambitious target adopted by the Labor Party at its national conference in July.

Even among Liberal voters, the 50 per cent renewable energy target is supported by almost half (48.6 per cent) of its supporters with just 15.2 per cent opposed.

Just this week Western Australia’s Liberal Energy Minister Mike Nahan has noted that solar growth in Western Australia is so fast it will completely take over daytime power generation and power stations will have to close. In Canning, 28 per cent of households have solar photovoltaic systems on their rooftops.

The ReachTEL poll conducted on Monday shows Liberal candidate Andrew Hastie leading Labor candidate Matt Keogh by just 2 points on two-party preferred basis, although 7.9 per cent of voters are still undecided. Almost one quarter of the undecided voters nominated renewable as their most important issue (23 per cent).

Almost 80 per cent of voters not voting for the two major parties were directing their preferences to the ALP (79.1 per cent) who have set the more ambitious renewable energy goal.

Of all voters, renewable energy was considered the third most important issue (13.4 per cent) behind the economy and jobs (33.1 per cent) and cost of living (19.1 per cent).

“The people of Canning love solar and renewable energy and are concerned about the economy, jobs and the cost of living,” said Solar Citizens National Director Claire O’Rourke.

“Renewable energy addresses all those concerns. Renewable energy will drive jobs and economic growth and drive down the cost of living by helping with electricity bills. Renewable energy is a huge growth industry in Canning and Western Australia, especially with the mining boom coming to an end. This poll shows that the people of Canning will vote for a party that adopts ambitious renewable energy policies.”

Conservation Council of Western Australia Director Piers Verstegen said "Western Australia is blessed with world-class renewable energy resources."

"This poll shows that the people of Canning place a higher priority on renewable energy than national security, which is an incredible result and shows how deeply people care about the issue."

"The Abbott Government's war on renewable energy is clearly unpopular in the electorate and it is an issue that will affect how many people vote."

“Australia has the world's best, cheap clean energy sources like solar and wind so we should make the most of them to create more jobs and help families with the cost of living."

For further comment contact:

Solar Citizens National Director Claire O’Rourke on 0410 729 594

CCWA Director Piers Verstegen 0411 557 892


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