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Cost and availability of offsetting LNG emissions in Western Australia

CCWA has commissioned an independent analysis from RepuTex Energy, revealing around 4,000 new jobs would be created in land management, renewable energy, and other industries if the state government reinstated and strengthened conditions requiring WA’s largest polluters to offset greenhouse gas emissions.

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This Report presents the modelling outcomes of a series of illustrative scenarios, which seek to understand the type and price of carbon offsets that could be available within Western Australia should an offset industry be developed, and the economic benefits of local investment.

The analysis suggests that if LNG production facilities are required to offset their direct emissions, WA has abundant potential to meet modelled demand. Around 80 million tonnes of emissions reduction opportunities were identified across all possible activities.

While it would deliver real benefits and jobs, the cost of offsetting carbon pollution from LNG developments represents only a few percent of the profits that Chevron and other LNG companies are generating from LNG production in WA.

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