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McGowan’s record breaking cycling investment welcomed by peak environment group

The state’s peak environment group the Conservation Council of WA (CCWA) has congratulated the McGowan Government for today's announcement to increase cycling infrastructure. The Government’s record breaking $129 million allocated over four years will provide cyclists with an additional 95 kilometres of dedicated cycle paths.


CCWA Director Piers Verstegen said The Conservation Council of WA welcomed the McGowan Government’s record breaking $129 investment in cycling infrastructure for Perth.

“Promoting cycling is an important way for all cities to reduce carbon pollution from transport, in line with commitments to the Paris climate goals.

“Cycling is on the increase in Perth, but the lack of dedicated and safe cycling paths remains a major barrier to more people enjoying the benefits of this healthy and sustainable transport choice.

“Western Australians want to cycle safely on dedicated paths, and the additional 95 kilometres of cycle paths integrated with public transport will enable more people than ever to take advantage of this sustainable and healthy mode of transport.

“The rollout of the PSP (principal shared path) system has been stalled and neglected for years under the Barnett Government, so this upgrade will be very welcome for existing cyclists while also encouraging more people to join them.

“Through investing in zero emission cycling networks and low emission public transport through METRONET, we’ll reduce congestion, improve our air quality, and enjoy better health as well. It’s a win win situation.

“Not only is cycling a great form of exercise, but it is also emission free - which means the more cyclists in the network, the cleaner and safer our air will be. More people cycling means less cars on the road, so even those who choose not to cycle will still reap the benefits from those who do.”

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