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StopFrackingCCWA.jpgTogether we are on the verge of a major breakthrough.  With your help, some amazing changes and a truly powerful, independent voice for communities and the environment are within reach.

Solar power has reached the same price as fossil fuel generated electricity. Communities across the state are standing up to protect land and water against gas fracking. Banks and investors are turning their backs on damaging and polluting industries.  New alliances are forming, and growing numbers of people are volunteering to support environmental campaigns across the state.

But our success means that we are coming under attack.

Our Federal Government is desperate to stop the momentum for change. They think that by attacking environmental groups like CCWA, our attention will be diverted from the strategies that make a difference.  At the same time, the WA State Government is attempting to pass draconian laws that will dramatically curtail the rights to peaceful protest for everyday citizens. This is not just an attack on environmental groups – it’s an attack on freedom of speech and our democracy.

Your tax-deductible donation now is critical to ensure that we can maintain the momentum for change. 

What we need to achieve is enormous but with your support we know it is possible.

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