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Environs Kimberley Inc

Environs Kimberley (EK) is the peak environment organisation for the Kimberley region in north-west Australia. 

"Our mission is to protect the natural environment of the Kimberley, an area almost twice the size of Victoria, three times as large as England and similar in size to California.

We have been a strong regional voice on environmental matters for 15 years, working collaboratively with others to achieve biodiversity protection, environmental awareness, sustainable land management and appropriate development.  

EK was founded in 1996 by community members who opposed the damming of the Fitzroy River to develop a large-scale genetically modified cotton industry in the West Kimberley. Together with Aboriginal Traditional Owners, other groups and community members, the ’Stopping Cotton in the West Kimberley’ campaign was successful in its aims.  

Since then, EK has grown from a single issue interest group to an incorporated body which works on a range of natural and cultural resource management and conservation projects, facilitates environmental research and education and is a main point of contact for community, government and industry on regional conservation matters.   

We are a community-based organisation governed by a board of nominated members with a staff comprised of a director, an administrator, a project coordinator and three project officers. EK activities are funded largely through a combination of project grants, self-generated revenue and donations.  

We have a healthy membership of over 400 drawn from across the region and beyond.  

If you are passionate about the Kimberley and would like to help us protect and manage it for future generations, consider joining us and being kept informed."