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Hands Off Point Peron Inc (HOPP)

Hands Off Point Peron Inc. (HOPP) are a not for profit community group who are working to create public awareness of the Mangles Bay Marina (MBM) proposal and the alternate community driven proposal for the area, the Cape Peron Coastal Park (CPCP) concept plan.

The MBM proposal is to rezone 105 hectares of public land in the Rockingham Lakes Regional Park at Point Peron (including Bush Forever site 355) and sell it for private canal housing, inland marina and commercial development. This rezoning proposal for the MBM is under Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS) Amendment 1280/41 which is currently being considered by the WA Planning Commission.

The CPCP proposal is to create a “World class conservation and recreation park for locals and visitors alike, in harmony with nature and our heritage” – a tourist attracting coastal park that will draw state, national and international tourists in much the same way that Kings Park is WA’s number one tourist attraction with 6 million visitors per annum.

Unlike the MBM proposal, the CPCP proposal is in keeping with the original 1964 Point Peron land transfer agreement between Prime Minister Robert Menzies and WA Premier Sir David Brand which stated that the land was to be kept as public recreational and parklands in perpetuity.


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