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Jarrahdale Forest Protectors

The Jarrahdale Forest Protectors (JFP) have been fighting to protect the Mundlimup Forest.  Forest Products Commission (FPC) scheduled the area for logging but have delayed action and JFP now feel it is safe to say Mundlimup west of Blue Rock Road, including the Walk and Cycle Trails which were developed with the Department of Environment and the Jarrahdale Heritage Society are saved and that the forest surrounding Strilingia Road is safe for the foreseeable future.  BUT this is yet to be confirmed in writing and JFP and Forest Rescue will continue to monitor the area closely and ensure the roading does not take place.

What did the locals say?  The group has in the past 6 months conducted a survey of local residents which indicated that 88% of people did not want logging in the forest so close to their town.  Questions have been asked in Parliament, Ministers have been written to, and many articles have been published on the plight of the forest.   A petition was tabled in the Upper House and a parliamentary committee visited and made recommendation to FPC that it take into account the locals’ concerns.  The Shire and the Department of Conservation (DEC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to develop the Discovery Forest Concept which has an educational and research focus as well as tour-ism.  Work has already begun with funding being sought for the information shelters which will be placed along the route.  This will increase visitors to Jarrahdale and provide benefits for us all.

JFP have represented Mundlimup at various forums including the Walk Against Warming where Sheila Twine and Vicky Kerfoot wore the impressive tabards ensuring people know about the  fight for the Jarrahdale forest.

JFP met with many representatives from all levels of Government.  Gordon Graham A/CEO of the Conservation Commission was shown the extent of clearing of the forest from Alcoa’s operations and agreed that it was time again to speak to the relevant ministers.   He was also shown the effect the Water Corporation’s Wungong Experiment is having on the Jarrah forest.  The Conservation Commission are reviewing the prescription with DEC.

Three years ago Charles Kerfoot was amazed to come across a log whilst working in the forest.  It was in one piece, 5 metres long, with a diameter of 1.8 metres and estimated to weigh 12 tonne when green.  He was deter-mined that it should be preserved from wild-fire, prescribed burns and further deterioration.  He felt it should be shown to future generations as an example of a Jarrah tree.  Records show this size tree was common.  The tree, estimated to be 400 years old, was probably cut down in the 1950s, found to be too large to move with available machinery and was left behind.  It has weathered and been attacked by termites but is still an impressive sight.  Phil Griffiths, Ian Nice, Rick Lynn with Charles Kerfoot have placed the log in position at the Jarrahdale Heritage Park.

To contact the Jarrahdale Forest Protectors, please email:

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