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Is Your Beach Polluted With Plastic?

Plastic Waste on our Beaches

How many times have you gone down to your local beach, only to see discarded plastic items lying on the sand, or in the water?

Did you know that these larger plastic items break down into tiny plastic particles, known as micro-plastics, over time? They are almost impossible to see with the naked eye, but scientists are discovering that they could have a potentially huge impact on marine and human life.

CCWA is spearheading a project to assess micro-plastic pollution, in partnership with UWA and funded by the WA Government’s State Natural Resource Management Program.
This project brought to you by our partners
We are reaching out to all of our supporters between Geraldton and Esperance who would be interested in participating in this citizen science project. We are especially looking for volunteers in Perth and east of Walpole.

Participation is easy – all you need to do is sign up below to receive your instructions, then head to your local beach to get started.

If you can help, please sign up!

Will you volunteer?