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No green light for yellow cake to India

The Conservation Council of WA has welcomed today’s advice from the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties against the sale of uranium to India.

The JSCOT Report has cautioned against selling uranium to India at this time given the lack of safety, the lack of distinction between civilian and military nuclear applications, Indian regulatory concerns and the difficulty in effectively accounting for Australian uranium.


“JSCOT has examined the deal and said there must be no uranium sales until a detailed set of pre-conditions are met,” said CCWA nuclear free campaigner Mia Pepper.


“Any attempt by the Australian Government to push ahead with this flawed Agreement and sales deal despite these clear warnings would put global security and nuclear non-proliferation at further risk and would be actively contested”.

 “We must never become complacent or dismissive about the horrific nature of nuclear weapons. In the 70th year since the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki we urge the Abbott Government to place Australia’s national interests and global security ahead of the agenda of the dirty and dangerous uranium industry that provides scant reward but serious risk”.


“Toro Energy, a small inexperienced company with a low grade uranium project in WA’s Goldfields, has been actively talking up the planned Indian uranium sales deal. If advanced, this irresponsible trade deal could mean uranium from Wiluna may facilitate or even end up in nuclear weapons in India.


“The erosion of Australia’s commitment to international treaties and Australian safeguards is deeply concerning. The Conservation Council of WA calls on the Abbott Government to not ratify the Agreement and to accept JSCOT’s advice and certainly not advance any sales”.


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