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Day 1 - How do you store your food?

It’s Plastic Free July, and I'm challenging myself to find alternatives to single use plastic for an entire month - and to write a daily blog on the most interesting parts of the experience. I started my challenge today by looking at how I store my food.

Day 1 Banner.png

Many of my meals at home come out of single use plastic containers, as I eat a lot of leftovers. Despite me never buying single use plastic containers, I have nearly thirty of them in my house - all given to me by restaurants or other people.

I wash and reuse them until they fall apart, but it’s far from ideal because these containers:

  • Never fully break down
  • Add toxic phthalates to my meals
  • Need regular replacing 

I have also included my coloured reusable containers, because they also contain phthalates. (Apparently, coloured plastics are even worse!) 

I wanted to start my challenge by looking for alternative containers, because it’s incredibly disturbing that instead of healing my body when I eat, I’m damaging it.

I’m going to find stainless steel or glass containers, and take them to restaurants instead. Then I’ll repurpose these plastic containers for non-food use, so that they don’t end up in our environment causing suffering to marine life.

How do you store your food without plastic? Let me know in the comments!


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