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Day 9 - Plastic free kebabs

It’s Plastic Free July, and I'm challenging myself to find alternatives to single use plastic for an entire month - and to write a daily blog on the most interesting parts of the experience. Last night I looked for a plastic free takeaway.

Day 9 Banner.png

It was late when I went to Roj Kebabs in South Perth, and I forgot to take a photo, so I’ve used this photo from their Facebook page.

Roj Kebabs serves kebabs, burgers, and fish and chips, and both their dine in and takeaway options are plastic free. The kebabs are wrapped in greaseproof paper, and their other meals are packed in foil containers with cardboard lids.

This reminded me that when I was growing up, I only ever had greaseproof paper for my sandwiches, and I only started to see plastic sandwich bags and ziplock bags when I went to university. We didn’t need single use plastic before, and we don’t need it now.

The next shop I’d like to visit is Subway, as they put every sandwich in a plastic bag, which usually gets thrown in a rubbish bin only seconds afterwards. It’s a bizarre system and I’d like to challenge it.


Where do you get your plastic free takeaway from?


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