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Scorecard: Where the parties stand on the environment

On Saturday, the way we vote will have a much bigger impact on our environment and our future than most people realise.

Over the past few months CCWA has consulted with supporters like you, environment groups, communities, scientists, Traditional Owners, farmers, and experts to determine the most important environmental issues requiring action by the next WA Government.

Then we invited all political parties to respond by telling us what policies they would put in place should they form government.

Today, after careful consideration we are unveiling the final results. What they tell us might surprise you.


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The government we elect on March 11 will decide whether to allow thousands of gas fracking wells to be drilled through our aquifers, farms, and communities.

How we vote will determine whether we finally make the transition to clean and affordable renewable energy, with more jobs and investment for our State.

It will determine whether unique wildlife like the Carnaby’s Cockatoo and numbat are pushed closer to extinction, or if instead our wildlife is protected under strong new laws.

The government we elect will either continue to promote an uneconomic and unwanted uranium mining industry, or maintain a nuclear-free WA.

The future of our Kimberley, our South West forests, our wildlife, and our climate all hang in the balance - and how we vote on Saturday could make all the difference.

Please consider this information carefully before casting your vote on Saturday, and please pass the scorecard on to your friends.

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