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Investors urged to dump Toro Energy at company AGM

MEDIA RELEASE: Wednesday 18th November

Local Aboriginal people and environment groups will ask shareholders to withdraw support for Toro Energy highlighting community opposition to the company’s uranium mine plans and a flat lining uranium market at the Toro’s AGM today.

Vicki Abdullah, local Aboriginal woman will be attending the AGM today.

Ms Abdullah said, “I’ve told Toro Energy time and time again that they are not allowed to mine at Lake Maitland, they have no right to destroy our homelands, our sacred places and the burial sites of our old people. You wouldn’t let them do that your home or your ancestors. Well I won’t let them do it to mine.”

CCWA Director Piers Verstegen, said “After ongoing weak performance we expect Toro Energy will be asking shareholders to ‘hang in there and be patient’, however the reality is that community opposition and weak market are serious impediments that are not going to go away.

“Uranium is unnecessary, unsafe and unwanted and we will be asking Toro shareholders to place their investments in more lucrative and responsible industries like renewable energy. 

“Toro must also face reality and cease pressuring local communities causing anxiety and conflict over a mine that will never make economic sense” concluded Mr Verstegen.

There will be a creative protest outside Toro’s AGM, at Woodside Plaza from 9.30am - 10.30am. The creative protest includes handing out shareholder information and a visual and sound installation.  

Media opportunity for interviews with Vicki Abdullah at 10.30am.

(*correction - original media release had misinformation describing Vicki Abdullah as a Traditional Owner of Lake Maitland, but she is actually a Traditional Owner of Lake Miranda - South West of Lake Maitland. She grew up in the area, has ancestors buried in the area close to Lake Maitland and has legitimate concerns about the Wiluna uranium proposal and Wiluna extension and the impacts on Lake Miranda.) 


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