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Action on climate and conservation to create 350,000 WA jobs: Conservation Council makes bold election push

The Conservation Council of WA set out a bold vision for the future of Western Australia’s economy today with an ambitious election platform, including a plan to create 350,000 jobs in conservation and clean energy projects, establish 2500 conservation partnerships, and achieve 10 million hectares of land restoration and revegetation projects across the state.

The plan also proposes to halve carbon pollution in a decade, replace the state’s fossil fuel exports with renewable energy, and invest 1% of Gross State Product in conservation, land restoration and wildlife protection.

CCWA Director Piers Verstegen said the Council’s plan presented “a new way of thinking that can solve the state’s biggest environmental challenges while future-proofing our economy, creating jobs and providing a better quality of life for all West Australians”.

“At times, the environment and climate change have been divisive issues and this has held back progress. Our plan aims to change this by inspiring all West Australians - communities, business and government - to work together to solve the critical challenges of our time.

“Polling shows that West Australians want strong leadership on climate change and the environment, and political parties that demonstrate this with strong policies will be rewarded at the polls.

“Today we have released an ambitious blueprint for a stronger and fairer economy which protects our unique environment and cuts the pollution that is making our climate dangerous. 

“This plan shows how all West Australians can benefit from thousands of new jobs in clean industries of the future, while working together on solutions to our most critical environmental and climate change challenges,” he said.

The CCWA proposal sets out the following ambitious goals for conservation and action on climate change:

  • 350,000 clean jobs by 2025
  • Halve carbon pollution by 2030
  • 700% renewable energy by 2040
  • 2500 conservation partnerships by 2025
  • 1% of Gross State Product invested in conservation
  • Zero loss of endangered wildlife habitat by 2022
  • 10 million hectares of revegetation and carbon farming by 2025
  • 1 million hectares of forest protected for nature and climate by 2025

“Each one of these goals is achievable. Together they represent a transformative plan that would position our state as a leader in climate action and conservation while delivering a stronger, fairer economy and a better quality of life for all West Australians.

“Inaction on climate change and the environment is no longer an option. Our state has a major problem with rising carbon pollution; our unique wildlife is being pushed towards extinction; we are losing forests at an alarming rate; and our communities are already feeling severe impacts of climate change.

“We call on all parties and candidates to commit to the goals we have presented.

“While the next State Government has an essential role to play, these goals cannot be achieved by government alone. We also call on all sectors, communities, landholders, and businesses to work together, alongside state and local governments to realise this vision for our state.” said Mr Verstegen.

Media contact:  Giovanni Torre – 0437 167 087

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